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Japan – Sri Lanka friendship go far back into history many centuries ago, Sri Lanka is also known as a traditional friend and supporter of Japan after World War II. Sri Lanka and Japan have every reason to have good relations, especially because of the common links with Buddhism; this important cultural link was further strengthened after the San Francisco Conference on the Peace Treaty in 1951, (日本国との平和条約、サンフランシスコ講和条約).

Japan as one of the safest and cleanest country in the world, and also truly beautiful country with fascinating history and modern culture, and says that the people are among the most kind, polite, friendly and helpful.You should to study not only the language but the cultural and way of Japanese people thinking. so after you success in learning Japanese you will feel that you understand the Cultural of Japan, and you will understand Why are Japanese people so clean and orderly, why Japanese people make a line(row) , why they respect the time … and much more

Learning Japanese is not as hard as you think!
Most people says learning Japanese is very difficult, that’s not true, as the Japanese language is not very difficult to learn, but that’s depends on how hard you learn and way you learn, most impotently who (privately or language institute) you leaning from. There are numerous reasons for which you should learn Japanese language.

Japan is ranked as the third economic power of the world.
Automotive and electronic companies such as Honda, Toyota, Sony and Panasonic, are known for their excellent quality and efficiency. There are tons of opportunities of getting hired by Japanese companies if you know how to speak Japanese. And also Thousands of worldwide companies have successful branches in Japan; Graduates with proficiency in Japanese will be well-positioned for jobs in government, finance, tourism, fashion, translation, teaching and much, much more.