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Why people say Japanese is difficult to Learn & why they’re wrong? – Part I

Japanese is a hard language to get into. Not because it’s a difficult language to learn, because of the mental barriers and misconceptions. It’s just because of the reputation of leaning hard the language.Learning all these brand new characters, grammatical structures and there’s kanji. Nothing scares off a potential Japanese student like kanji.

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Why Japanese is easy to learn – PART II

For one, Japanese phonology is pretty simple since it had only five basic vowel sounds, and the consonants are basic. Compare that to English phonology the vowels are much more complex than Japanese.The good thing is Japanese is that it isn’t a tonal language like Mandarin or Vietnamese, the meaning varies depending on your tone.In Japanese, the pitch of the voice does matter a bit, even it’s not nearly as pronounced as in tonal languages.
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