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  • Bring your documents to our institute or Send by Satori Online Translation Services.
  • We will check the documents, and estimate the documents cost and delivery date.
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Our Customer Services


Customer service is extremely important to us. We try our best to be easy to reach and to respond quickly.


We have native speakers work together on your translation, ensuring accurate and natural-sounding translations. In addition, we have a separate linguist perform quality double checking system before delivery, to avoid errors and omissions.

Document safety

Customer confidentiality is of great significance to us and STS takes care of the documents entrusted to us prudently and confidentially. You can trust us for translation works related to any business, letter, contract or other documents needed to be kept in confidence. STS places great importance on data protection. All of our employees sign confidentiality agreements.

We accept translation requests every weekday, Saturday and Sunday. Feel free to contact us for more information or You can email for any queries at

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